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We schedule a $299 diagnostic service for free every six months exclusively for our repair customers.

We bring our diagnostic equipment to your office during our route through your neighborhood.

We test your high-speed handpieces for chuck strength and rotations per minute. (These are the two leading indicators of handpiece failure.)

We inspect your (S)Low-speed handpieces as required.

We minimize your repair costs by detecting problems prior to total failure.

We review and train your staff on best practice handpiece processing.

We log your serial numbers and track your handpiece performance.

We inspect and offer repair of non-handpiece equipment failure which causes handpiece failure.

We inspect purging stations for proper operation.


  • Handpiece Lubricants

  • Purging Stations

  • Nosecones, Angles and Turbines

  • Hoses and Syringes

  • Foot Controls and Connectors

  • Fiber Optic Systems and Bulbs

  • Couplers and Swivels

  • O-rings and Gaskets


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